Does A Guy Like Me? -5 Signs He's Interested

Published: 15th September 2010
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How do you if a guy likes you or is interested? While you were with your friends you constantly glance over at him over and over but has he looked at you? Has he noticed you? Maybe you saw him glance over in your direction but arent quite sure he was really looking at you. Maybe your eyes met for just a second then you looked away. Maybe it was just your imagination that he was actually looking at you and not someone else behind you.

Here are 5 signs that he's interested in you.

1. He mentions you to someone else He wants to find out more about you, because he wants to get to know you. No guy asks about another girl to a mutual friend unless he's interested. I know this, I am a guy.

2. He gives you "the look" Every guy has a cool demeanor. But every once in a while they loose themselves when they look at a girl they like. Every time your eyes meet his does he look away quickly? If he does he likes you for sure he's just nervous.

3.The conversation Hopefully he has enough courage to talk to you. And when he does the guy you like wants to find a good time to ask the most important question, "Are you seeing someone?" Guys are just as nervous as girls they just dont show it. Help him out by leading the conversation in that direction. Make him feel comfortable and things will go smoothly.

4. He Appears Unexpectedly He likes you if he knows where you hang out whether its around school or anywhere else. No guy will remember where a girl he barely knows hangs out unless he likes you. He will first "pretend" like he doesnt see you so try to give him a reason to bump into you. He will say something like, "Oh hi, didnt see you there." Which basically means I didnt want to seem obvious but I'm interested in you. Dont act shy, make sure he knows you like him.

5. Everyone Likes You So Is he interested? Well he should be if your happy and friendly all the time. Take a look at your life, career possibilities, friends, body image, personality, and future. Every guy will like a girl with a great personality. You may think that looks are everything but they arent.

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